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A Powerful Network of Innovative Entrepreneurs

We are one of the nation's largest independent financial services design and distribution networks serving the affluent and corporate markets. M Member Firms are comprised of the industry's most successful, independent organizations.

Carefully chosen from among the elite leaders in the industry, our Firms are committed to serving individuals and institutions in the most ethically responsible and strategically sound manner. While they may specialize in specific fields, all are experts in dealing with the complex issues that face their clients. M Member Firms are community focused, committed to improvement and growth.

Member Firms benefit from a unique competitive advantage—their clients have access to exclusive products and pricing created because of their own collective buying power and experience. As a result, we can consistently develop innovative products available only to Member Firm clients. Member Firms also deliver exemplary client service, which reflects a clear commitment to building relationships for the long term.

Shared Knowledge, Independent Leadership

The entrepreneurs who lead our Firms benefit from the best of both worlds—they are free to manage their businesses in a way that best meets the needs of their clients, but they have access to the products and services available only through M Financial. They are independent leaders, but part of a large community of like-minded professionals with a common goal.


Member Firms own M Financial—M does not own the Member Firms. As a result, M Member Firms share in the profitability of the company, participate in a governance structure consistent with their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to independence, and chart the course of an organization structured to advocate for clients and support collective success.

Exceptional Value

Member Firms have access to economic value that is aligned with the value they create for clients. This is supported by deep relationships with a select lineup of carriers and a growing broker/dealer—M Holdings Securities, Inc.—that consistently leads the industry.

Resources for Growth

We are committed to providing Member Firms with the resources they need to innovate and grow, including access to a diverse product selection; technology resources; sales, marketing, underwriting, and service support; and multiple forums for collaboration and idea sharing. As the owners of M Financial, Member Firms draw upon their collective strengths, define priorities for the M Community, and drive the development of these resources.

Shaping The Future Since 1978

We use our collective influence to drive industry trends, lead product innovations, initiate service enhancements, and ensure that existing and new clients benefit from everything we do. Today, our Firms have exclusive access to proprietary products from our Partner Carriers, as well as a private placement product offered through a consortium of carriers. Each of these products is designed using M Financial's superior mortality persistency and policy size experience, creating exclusive pricing for Member Firm clients.

A Community of Individuals Driven by Shared Values

Bringing our Firms together is a priority for us. With at least four gatherings each year—an annual Marketing Meeting, our National Advisors Conference, and various specialty meetings—our Firms have ample opportunity to share their ideas, build relationships with one another, and support the growth and success of their colleagues. The personal connections, trust, and friendships forged throughout the year enhance the value of everything we do.

M Financial is about achieving more together than we could achieve individually—the more you share, the more value gained. Our Firms extend this sharing to their communities – supporting national and local charities and causes, and advocating for the industry.

Put simply, M Community members are in "it for the long haul" with client relationships—focusing on building legacies that will thrive for generations.

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