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We provide access to financial services designed specifically for affluent individuals and corporations through an exclusive network of more than 155 Member Firms.

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The Vision

Our Founders saw that traditional life insurance products and distribution systems weren't serving their most valuable clients. They started M Financial Group in 1978 with the goal of creating products and services for affluent clients that would return the value to those who created it. Nearly four decades later, M Financial continues to deliver value to clients on a daily basis.
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How We Do It

We create exclusive life insurance products that affluent and corporate clients deserve. By segmenting the experience data that drives product pricing, and by investing our own capital into the policies placed by our Firms, we create pricing efficiencies that can't be matched.
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The Advocacy

Our mission is simple: to treat existing clients as well as new clients. Everything we do is designed to advocate on behalf of Member Firm clients: due care, product development, underwriting, reinsurance, and in-force management. We care about our clients, their success, and the sustainability of the solutions we provide.
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