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Winged Keel Group's Alex Tuff Shares Tips for Millennials Launching Their Careers

M Financial | 9 January 2017 | M Community
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Alexander Tuff, President and Principal of Winged Keel Group, a Member Firm located in New York, published an article—11 Tips for Launching Your Career: A Guide for Young Millennials—in the Columbia Business School's Ideas and Insights.

Alex offers perspective on navigating the important decisions professionals face in their 20s. Alex says that it is these decisions that will "affect what you'll do and where you'll live for your entire career." Honesty, education, networking, community involvement, and mentoring are just some of the things to consider as a career evolves. Alex's insight is valuable for both Millennials themselves and those who may interact with Millennials personally and professionally.

Alex is a frequent contributor to Ideas and Insights, regularly sharing his insights on management, operations, and culture.

Please join us in thanking Alex for offering his perspective and expertise.




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