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M Center of Excellence Hosting Summit on Business and the Future of Aging at Milken Global Conference

M Financial | 3 May 2017 | News
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The M Center of Excellence is hosting a Summit on Business and the Future of Aging at the 20th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference: Building Meaningful Lives. With this Summit, the M Center seeks to accelerate the development of ideas and actions that demonstrate the valuable role the business community can play in facilitating longer, healthier lives, lived well.

Peter Mullin, Chair of the M Center of Excellence Donor Advised Fund Committee comments: “By sharing views and thinking big, by elevating the dialogue around health and wealth expectancy, and by looking at how business can capitalize on the value and talents of older adults, we can reframe the conversation about aging, and make a lasting difference in peoples’ lives.”

Several members of the DAF Committee—Dana Ardi, Hassy Cohen, Campbell Gerrish, Bob Johnson, Fred Jonske, and Dawn Trautman—as well as approximately 40 business leaders and longevity experts will participate in the Summit.

The M Center continues to focus on this question: What is the point of a longer life if you are in poor health, run out of money, or don't have purpose? It is clear that it's not just how long we live—it's how vibrantly we live long. As people live longer, they will want to maximize the quality of their lives (what Peter defines as health expectancy), they will need to plan ahead to fund these additional years (wealth expectancy), and they will need purposeful engagement that utilizes their expertise and wisdom.

The Summit is an important step in the M Center's efforts to support transformational products, services, and ideas to empower enhanced health and wealth expectancy.




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