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Global Life Expectancy Increase by 2030

M Financial | 6 March 2017 | Partnerships
Advocacy, International, Life Insurance, Longevity, M Center of Excellence, The American College, Ultra-Affluent Life Insurance

A recent CNN article stated that average life expectancy will increase worldwide by the year 2030. Many experts in the field feel that this is just the beginning, as humans are nowhere near their max longevity. This news reinforces the importance of enhancing health and wealth expectancy—the quality of a longer life and our ability to fund it—which remains the focus of the M Center of Excellence.

As Peter Mullin, Chair of the M Center of Excellence Donor Advised Fund Committee says, "It's not about how long we live. It's about how vibrantly we will live long." In partnership with The American College, the M Center's mission is to support transformational products, services, and ideas to empower enhanced health and wealth expectancy. By bringing together all pieces of the tapestry, the M Center accelerates innovative, multi-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary thinking around health and wealth expectancy. Following the first in-person DAF Committee meeting in December, the M Center is poised for an active 2017.




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