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About M Financial

Our Founding

In 1978, four visionaries came together to form M Financial Group with an idea that clients with better experience characteristics deserved access to better pricing.

Life insurance carriers at the time used delivery systems and products that helped them retain the value created by the most profitable policies, instead of returning it to those clients who helped create it.

So M Financial was established with a new distribution network of entrepreneurial Member Firms. Working together with select carriers, we created better products for affluent clients and distributed them through this exclusive network of Member Firms.

In the decades since, we have cultivated an exclusive community of Member Firms across the U.S., in the U.K., and in the UAE, and have expanded our solutions beyond life insurance to include Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Annuities, Corporate Benefits, Wealth Management, and International Insurance Solutions.

In everything we do, we are guided by five core values, ensuring we remain true to the original mission of creating the best solutions for our clients.

Core Values

Yesterday's best will not be good enough tomorrow.

We connect the dots in ways no one else has seen before. We work tirelessly to identify better, more efficient ways to enhance the quality of your life—by leveraging the experience of some of the nation's smartest, most experienced firms whose clients always expect more. This drives our passion for innovation.

We make each other better by being our best for clients.

Companies measure success in many ways, but how clients feel about us is what really counts. Our Firms strive for excellence in the services, expertise, and customized products they provide their clients. We support their efforts to continually enhance the client experience with unique products, process efficiency, and leading-edge technology.

We willingly share information, ideas, and insight.

Exceeding clients' expectations requires team effort. Member Firms happily collaborate with attorneys, CPAs, family offices, other advisors, and one another to develop strategies that address specific planning objectives. From estate tax to income planning, business succession to asset protection, our Firms bring the ideas, insight, and execution that their clients deserve.

We step forward when called upon and do what we say we will do.

Leadership is about doing what you say, not saying what you do. To advocate for the interests of Member Firm clients, we participate in the legislative and regulatory processes that impact their families and businesses, and ours. Additionally, we strive to help clients and advisors better understand opportunities that provide the best solutions, and the role our innovative products and services play in capturing those opportunities.

If you succeed, we succeed.

French economist Frederic Bastiat said, "If you wish to prosper, let your customer prosper." It is one thing to say you advocate for clients, but another to do it. Innovative products, underwriting, reinsurance, due care, in-force management, and technology are how we do it. Member Firm clients place their trust in us and that trust pays off when we create meaningful value for them, their families, and their businesses.

Our Journey

For nearly four decades, our Founders' five core values have fueled our differentiation, and they continue to guide us each and every day.


Here are our milestones:


M Financial Founders - Peter Mullin, Mark Solomon, Carl Mammel, and Eli Morgan

M Financial Group is founded as a collaborative network of independent Firms focused on revolutionizing the industry for their clients.

M Financial's Founders took an unconventional approach, relentless in their pursuit, because they believed things could and should be different and better for their clients and themselves. With the vision of Peter Mullin, Mark Solomon, Carl Mammel, and Eli Morgan (left to right), M Financial Group was born.

Pacific Life Insurance Logo

Pacific Life joins M’s lineup of Partner Carriers.

Pacific Life currently offers nine M proprietary products through the MVP series.

Unum and M form relationship; M demonstrates commitment to diversify into disability insurance.

Unum currently offers one M proprietary disability product through MonograM.

M expands breadth of relationships, welcomes Prudential to carrier lineup.

Prudential currently offers one M proprietary product through M Premier.

John Hancock Logo

John Hancock becomes M Partner Carrier, forms foundation for significant differentiation and growth.

John Hancock currently offers four M proprietary products through the Majestic series.

John Hancock Logo

M Funds offered through variable products.

The M Funds are a set of four proprietary variable investment options exclusively available to Member Firm clients through select variable life insurance/annuity products and qualified plans. The M Funds offer access to the expertise, investment strategies, and styles of institutional managers generally not available in other life insurance products or to individual investors.

M Holdings Securities, Inc Logo

M's Broker/Dealer, M Securities, is launched.

M Securities offers a high level of service and support, unparalleled expertise in the ultra-affluent and corporate markets, access to thousands of products, and benefits of significant scale. As a wholly owned subsidiary of M Financial Group, M Securities is exclusive to M Member Firms. The M Securities team is singularly focused on delivering access to the products—and high quality, specialized services—necessary to meet the unique needs of M Member Firm clients.

M introduces underwriting advocacy support for Member Firms.

With the addition of Rodger Hergenrader in 2005, Member Firms gained access to a dedicated underwriting advocate with decades of experience working to overcome challenges in the risk assessment process. The Underwriting team's expertise in a variety of key areas—including exam results, case presentation, carrier negotiations, and capacity management—enhances an M Member Firm's ability to simplify the underwriting experience for clients, facilitate competitive underwriting offers, and deliver effective underwriting support and service.

Relationship formed with Nationwide.

Nationwide currently offers eight M proprietary disability product through the Marathon series.

M International provides platform for Member Firms to serve the needs of foreign nationals.

M International provides M Member Firms access to U.S. and offshore insurance products with global client support across four different segments of international insurance solutions: U.S. domestic products, international corporate benefits, Bermuda-based products, and offshore private placement products.

TIAA CREF Life Insurance Company  Logo

TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company expands distribution exclusively with M Financial.

Through this exclusive relationship, TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company currently offers six M proprietary products through the M Intelligent series.

M Center of Excellence at The American College Logo

M Center of Excellence at The American College.

Together with The American College and the USC Davis School of Gerontology, the M Center will deploy a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary approach to become a pivotal link between the interests of clients, the objectives of the life insurance industry, and the rapidly emerging medical advances designed to predict and enhance longevity. By bringing together leaders from diverse companies and institutions, including healthcare insurers, pharmaceutical companies, leading medical institutions, and medical equipment manufacturers, we will innovate with an aligned perspective—a vested interest in the outcome of a healthier society.

Most of all, M Financial is a community of Member Firms working together as the nation's premier financial services design and distribution network.

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